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Minimal Winter Gear

  • Wool Hat / Balaclava

  • Mittens / Overmitts - Gloves (water proof)

  • Wool Trousers (Long Underwear with Rain pants)

  • Gaiters

  • Extra Socks (with powder)

  • Extra layers of NON-COTTON clothing

  • Sunglasses / Goggles

  • Sunscreen

  • Pack all clothing in water tight/proof bags

Mount Pinos Requirements

  • Sawmill /Cuddy Valley maps with Ski Trails added

  • Extra Flashlight batteries

  • Stove of some type

  • Snow Shovel

  • Snow Shoes or Equivalent with Ski Poles

  • Patient Warming Gear

  • Avalanche Beacons (45 degree slopes - North Side)

  • Avalanche Probes

Other Winter Skills Needed

  • Ice axe usage, self arrest, boot axe belay

  • Snow anchors including flukes, pickets, screws and boullards

  • Beacon usage

  • Avalanche Polling techniques

  • Emergency shelter building

  • Avalanche Snow pack assessment

General Winter Rules

  • Don't get cold, getting warm again is tough

  • In sleet and heavy rain, it will rain inside your rainsuit

  • If overnight outing is known - DRY CLOTHES is most Important

  • Over 24 hours, one needs valid nutrition

  • DRINK FLUIDS (Dehydration adds to altitude sickness)

  • Pace oneself, especially during haul systems and uphill travel

  • If your feet are cold, Put on a Hat

  • Wind chill has a large effect

  • Groups and Teamwork help

  • Know Area Location !accurately

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