Ventura County Search & Rescue, Fillmore Mountain Rescue Team 1
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Photo Gallery

sar training bridge high line

snow cat

snow cat driving

hiking over a dry river

tripod setup


sar quads

sar search simi

sar highline lift

sar rope training

sar rope highline transfer

sar training bridge 3 to 1

snow cat loading

sar hiking

sar hiking

sar truck 10

sar hela

sar quads

sar hela hike

sar bridge rope training

sar rope training

sar bridge river training

Ventura County Sheriff's Volunteer Search & Rescue  |  Fillmore Mountain Rescue  |  Team 1
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 296 |  Fillmore, CA  93016
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2005 Ventura County Sheriff's Volunteer Search & Rescue, Fillmore Mountain Rescue, Team 1