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Helpful Links

Sheriff's Office

Airborne Law Enforcement Association
Ventura County Sheriff's Office
Fillmore City

Local Search and Rescue Agencies/Teams

Ventura County Fillmore SAR
Ventura County Upper Ojai SAR
Ventura County East Valley
Ventura County SAR Dive Team

Ventura County SAR K-9 Team

Search Dog Foundation

Other Search and Rescue Agencies/Teams

Mountain Rescue Association 
National Association of Search and Rescue
Alaska Mountain Rescue Group
Juneau Mountain Rescue

Emergency Services Links

American Red Cross
California Office of Emergency Services
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency, USA
Cospas-SARSAT International Satellite System for Search & Rescue

Other Helpful Hiking Resources

Hiking Tips & Plan
Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Information Center

Rescue Dynamics articles knots
Knot Tying Guide
- Special Thanks to Irish Climbing Online
Animated Knots - Excellent Site to Learn From
Hiking Plan*
Map Tools

Rescue Resources

CMC Rescue
SMC Rescue
On Rope 1

Other Helpful Climbing Links

Simon Chetwynd
Juneau Mountain Rescue
Rock Climbing
Search and Rescue Society British of Columbia

Reading Resources

Fire-Rescue 1 (Fire-Rescue-Magazine) 

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Ventura County Sheriff's Volunteer Search & Rescue  |  Fillmore Mountain Rescue  |  Team 1
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 296 |  Fillmore, CA  93016
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2005 Ventura County Sheriff's Volunteer Search & Rescue, Fillmore Mountain Rescue, Team 1