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Personal Basic First Aid Kit
Must Include the Following:

1) 1-CPR mask / rescue mask with one-way valve
2) 1-pair latex or vinyl medical gloves
3) 1-box (min. 12 pads) - 4 x 4 sterile gauze pads
4) 1-roll transpore tape
5) 1-pair scissors (the type that cuts a penny in half)
6) 1-2 triangular bandages with safety pins (can be cut out of sheet)
7) Betadine (solution and ointment)
8) 1-bottle hydrogen peroxide
9) Telfa Pads - assorted sizes
10) 1-2 large trauma dressings
11) Assorted bandaids
12) butterfly bandaids
13) 2-4 rolls 3" gauze bandages (Kerlix or Kling)
14) 2 tongue depressors
15) 1-2 cardboard splints (can be cut out of box)
16) 1-thermometer
17) water soluble lubicant (ie: KY Jelly)

1- bottle Tylenol,
1-bottle children's Tylenol
Benadryl capsules for allergic reactions

For Car:
Store items in a backpack if you camp or hike, otherwise, items can be stored in plastic sealed container or other bag or tote.  A large old purse works well.

All of the above equipment must be provided by the individual volunteers.
VCSAR Fillmore Mountain Rescue Team currently does not have the resources to provide the above equipment.

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